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Did you know that our Pharmacist was a 4-year varsity athlete at the Ohio State University and an accomplished author?  Read all about it and place your order on  


The Book: Jet-Black & the Ebony Knights


Jet-Black & the Ebony Knights is a love and adventure fictional story of the original Black fairy tale princess.  It is a stimulating narration of the epic journey of four brave young men in their quest to restore honor, pride and dignity to their kingdom, Wazobia.  The book depicts the good and bad in all society but most of all, it illustrates the Hero qualities even in the least amongst us.


By chance, Mongo the Serpent met Nwa-Bekeh the Vulcan Witch whom he freed from her imprisonment.  Through magic, lies and deception, the villain Mongo and his new partner in crime Nwa-Bekeh, kidnapped the princess Jet-Black and threw her in a dungeon.  It was Mongo’s way of executing his perfect revenge on King Caddy of Wazobia who defeated, humiliated, and banished him many years before.


This Book is a must read for every curious Afrocentric family.  It inspires great discussions for a sequel. 


·ISBN: 979-8-89031-385-0

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